Tomato „Sunviva“
Lycopersicon esculentum L.

Very aromatic, sweet and juicy cherry tomato. The bright yellow fruits hang in short bunches. Robust and strong-growing plant with loose foliage and high resistance in the field to leaf blight and brown rot Phytophtora infestans). The variety is early maturing and the fruits weigh about 20g. Read more

Spring/summer wheat „Convento C“
Triticum aestivum L.

Convento C is a composite cross population (according to EU Regulation 2014/150 D) derived from intercrossing a number of parents.The variety is therefore characterized in terms of its yield and health. The variety has been shown to grow very well not only in Germany but also in the Netherlands. Read more

Winter wheat „Bäckerglück“
Triticum polonicum

This winter wheat, named polish wheat reaches a height of 150 cm and is late maturing. The variety has a good baking quality and is suitable for spaetzle. Over many years, the population was selected for improved resistance against logding and for higher yield. Seeds will be available from October 2018 onwards. Read more

Winter wheat „Nudelwunder“
Triticum turgidum ssp. Turgidum

This winter wheat belongs to the sub-species named cone wheat. It reaches a height of 110 cm and matures late. It should be harvested soon after harvest maturity, because it easily germinates under weather conditions with lasting humidity. Read more