Open-source bread

Freeing our food one loaf at a time since 2019

Photo by Adrien Labaeye under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Do you know where the seed in your food comes from? 

Most seed comes from only a few multinationals. There are very few alternatives, even in the organic sector. What if you could protest against seed monopolies simply by baking or buying a loaf of bread?

This is our aim in promoting open-source bread. We want to create awareness and links between plant breeders and consumers. That’s why people along the entire value chain are teaming up: farmers, a mill and various Berlin bakeries. Starting in autumn 2019, you can buy a loaf of bread to boost a new agrarian revolution!

A special wheat

Convento C is an organically (Demeter) bred population variety of wheat with an open-source licence. Population variety means that there is a high level of genetic diversity within the plants. So it is a wheat that, in addition to giving high yields and having first-class baking properties, is particularly robust against diseases and extreme weather conditions. Convento C was bred by Dr. Hartmut Spieß of the Dottenfelderhof, Bad Vilbel.

A special bread

All participating bakers agree: the wheat they use should be 100% open-source. But since Germans love the addition of rye or spelt flour in their breads, up to 20% of flour from other grains may be used. We are now working towards bringing open-source rye and spelt varieties onto the market. We encourage all bakers to prepair their open-source bread without any industrial yeast, and to use sourdough instead.

Why only in Berlin?

Yes, we would love to offer open-source bread throughout Germany – indeed all over the world! But we have to start somewhere. Berlin has a vibrant scene of bakeries committed to offering high-quality products: organic and hand-crafted. Starting in autumn 2019 various bakeries will offer open-source bread, each according to its own original recipe.


Here is how you can get involved!

  • You are a baker in Berlin and interested in the project? Contact us!
  • You are breeding rye or spelt? Many bakeries are very interested in open-source cereals. We are happy to advise you on the licencing of open-source varieties and its benefits!
  • Farmers, millers, bakeries outside of Berlin: We’re hoping to expand next year. If you’re interested, get in touch with us now.
  • You like eating bread? Tell your friends about open-source bread – especially in and around Berlin. Also if you like on social media at #OpenSourceBread and #FreeTheSeed.


Bella Aberle |