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Seed for everyone

Thanks to the open-source licence, the tomato “Sunviva” was the first variety protected from patenting. In the following years, nine other varieties were licenced: two more tomato, four cereal, one sweetcorn, one potato and one chili variety. But this is only the beginning. Our goal is to create a diverse and commons-based seed sector.

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Promote free breeding

In October 2019 we launched the first open-source product on the market - bread! It shows that the marketing of non-proprietary varieties can generate funds for non-proprietary breeding. Instead of profits for a few large international companies, every kilo of open-source flour generates 2 cents to support non-proprietary plant breeding projects.

Open-source bread
Together for diversity

It started very small but meanwhile, the open-source seed strategy is being discussed and tested by seed experts worldwide. Since 2019, an international network of various open-source initiatives is growing. More and more people are joining, so that non-proprietary and diverse seed remains available for everyone everywhere.

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