Name of breeder:

Laurent Minet
Centre Technique Horticole
Gembloux, Belgium

Name of seed producer:

Semailles  (, 5340 Gesves, Belgium. Organic seeds only
Cycle en Terre (, 5370 Havelange, Belgium. Organic seeds only
Ets Horticoles Flamand Labory (

Brief description of the variety and its main characteristics:

Round to egg-shaped cherry tomato, yellow flamed on a red background, golden and sweet flesh, very good flavour. Vigorous plant with a strong tendency to bushy growth due to the development of shoots. Resistant to Phytophthora infestans (late blight), very suitable for outdoor cultivation.
Cross in 2016 from Golden Bumble Bee (Artisan Seeds with Philona OP derived from Philona F1, a red, round, tomato, which likely carries LB resistance genes Ph-2 & Ph-3. Due to its Philona parents, it has a very strong resistance to late blight (Phytophtora infestans) and has little tendency to burst. It is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation, even with little or no pruning. The abscission zone is quite pronounced, which facilitates harvesting with a hopper, but causes the fruit to fall off in strong winds.
Undetermined growth, strong tendency to grow like a bush due to the vigour of the side shoots. With regular pruning, however, the plant can be trained to grow on a stick.
Fruit size approx. 20 g, bunches of 5-10 fruits, ripening in the middle of the season when grown outdoors, but can ripen earlier under shelter. Medium yield.